Monday, September 15, 2008

Legendary KEDA DJ, Guerro Polka's y his grandson little Jose Luis, mi "tocallito"

I want to thank Guerro and his family for all the support he has given Gallista Gallery. The radio spots for "Una Noche de Tauquache" were great! Like KEDA, Gallista Gallery promotes La Raza...real Raza! KEDA promotes the music and the musicians Gallista, El Arte y los artistas. When I went to the radio station I got to meet little Jose Luis, "Hey thats my name Too!
"Our Una noche de Taquache" Event was better then I ever expected. It was truely a night to remember!

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Anonymous said...

Felicidades! Some of the Polka Dawgs I run into are still talking about it. Puro Gallo!