Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Francisco Delgado Visiting Artist Reception

Thanks to all the people that came out to meet artist Francisco Delgado From "El Chuco" (El Paso Tx). He came down to pick up his art so we decided to give him a visiting art reception. I had never met him so it was nice to get to talk to him one on one, nice guy, very humble. I am proud to have had such a distinguished artist show at Gallista Gallery.
We still have five of his paintings on display, very resonably priced by the way and two of the books he has illustrated are for sale at our gift shop.

Joe Lopez

Chicano Art books for sale at Gallista Gallery

Chicano/Chicana Contemporary book 2 Vol $150
Chicano Art for our Millenium $35
Triumph of our Communities $75
Call Now 210.212.8606
we're open Wed, Thur,Fri & Sat
10 am till 4:00pm

Raul Servin Exhibit, 'Cholismo' (Calo) The Old Slang of el Barrio extended to the end of August. If your raza, you will relate.

No hombre todo los old timers, Die Hard Raza loved Raul Servin's exhibit, it will bring back memories! The comment I get most is "Se avento este vato". Its been fun translating to those who don't know the languaje, entiendes como te digo. I promise most of you will relate. The exhibit will run to the end of August.