Saturday, December 13, 2008

Viva San Benito y El Narciso Martinez Cultural Art Center

In October, 2008 I perticipated in the 10th Anniversary of Taquachito Nights Conjunto Festival in San Benito. In November I hand a One Man Show at the center. Thank you Rogelio Nunez "El Taquache" and Volunteers, keep up the good work.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cisco Kid: American Hero, Hispanic Roots. Now available at Gallista Gallery

The Cisco Kid: American Hero, Hispanic Roots expands on Francis Nevins's 1998 book, The Films of The Cisco Kid. Retaining the original's thorough, chronologically ordered study of the filmic Cisco Kid cycle and its in-depth analysis of the Cisco phenomenon, The Cisco Kid adds a Hispanic sensibility to the history of the character in United States film. Despite the Cisco Kid's initial creation outside the Hispanic world by such mainstream writers and filmmakers as O. Henry and Webster Cullison, by 1929 with the first Cisco sound film, In Old Arizona, the character was endowed with a Latino persona that it has retained in Hispanic as well as mainstream American culture. Including film stills, lobby cards, and posters, this lavishly illustrated coffee-table book is sure to delight anyone interested in the Cisco Kid.

Mike Gonzales and Dr. Warrena "Bebe" Smothers Loessin pass from this life.

Sad to announce that our dear friends Dr. Bebe and Mike Gonzales of the Gallista family were killed in an automobile accident on Saturday September 13, 2008. Both were full of life and happiness. They were big supporters of Gallista Gallery and intimit friends of Arte Cosmico Studio artist L.A. David.

They always dressed for the occasion, never a dull moment with them. Last Dia de los Muertos they showed up dressed as La Catrína and El Catrín. They were such a big hit that night. I asked them to help me with this years celebration. Well, I know they'll be there in Spirit we will never forget these two beautiful people...Mike y Bebe.
Photo taken by Roland Sul

Monday, September 15, 2008

Legendary KEDA DJ, Guerro Polka's y his grandson little Jose Luis, mi "tocallito"

I want to thank Guerro and his family for all the support he has given Gallista Gallery. The radio spots for "Una Noche de Tauquache" were great! Like KEDA, Gallista Gallery promotes La Raza...real Raza! KEDA promotes the music and the musicians Gallista, El Arte y los artistas. When I went to the radio station I got to meet little Jose Luis, "Hey thats my name Too!
"Our Una noche de Taquache" Event was better then I ever expected. It was truely a night to remember!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Noche de Taquache Slide Show

Enjoy some of the pictures from Saturday night's pachanga! Just press "play"!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Una Noche de Taquache

Se puso Buena la cosa el Sabado “Una Noche de Taquache”. What a remarkable night it was at Gallista, Los Polka Dawgs Dance Club, La palomilla conocida, y la musica. It was better then I ever anticipated. The atmosphere was unbelievable everyone was there to have a good time and they did, believe me they did, Y se portaron bien, gracias a todos. Nombre se aventaron “Los Padrinos” puro conjunto compa and their version of Los Tequileros was fantastic! I love that song because it reminds me of the “Puro Gallo” fight Cirilo Martinez, Bonifacio Lopez and I had con Los Hwyners de Modesta Ca. ...Puro Gallo y que viva La Raza!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Una Noche de Taquache at Gallista Gallery

Ladies ponganse sus dancing shoes y Lippy stick colorado y vatos ponganse los Calcos Stacy y el Tandito porque este Sabado seva poner buena la cosa . Los down and Dirty de conjunto dancing, The Polka Dawg Dancing club y El Conjunto Los Padrinos are going to be taquachando at Gallista Gallery. Los Dawgs are going to be showing thier best movidas on the dance floor. Vacer una Noche de Taquache.... if you know what I mean jelly bean. See you Saturday!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2nd Saturday at Gallista, Alex Rubio y L.A. David at Arte Cosmico Studio

One of San Antonio's top Chicano artist, Alex Rubio making the rounds on 2nd Saturday poses with El King Burro L.A. David, another heavy duty Chicano artist in his Arte Cosmico Studio, watchout con el flying saucer. Alex is one of the most powerful artist I have ever known he has really made an impact in the Chicano Art world. We are all very proud of you and your accomplishments. Puro Gallo Compa!
Special thanks to Roland Sul for this great photo.
Joe Lopez

Monday, August 11, 2008

2nd Saturday, Gallista BBQ Fund-Raiser, Meet the Artists and Silent Auction

Thank You, everyone that came out to support Gallista Gallery on 2nd Saturday our all day event was a great success. Special thanks to City Councilwomen Lourdes Galvan for her support, my family and to all those that sold tickets and helped putting it together . I thank those that just donated money. I feel we are doing something positive for the artists and the community. We are proud to be RAZA!
It was great to see many of my childhood friends Vatos Locos y sus familias old and new friends.... "Puro Gallo"
Thanks to the artists that participated in our "Meet the Artists" event, several people came up to me and told me how exciting it was to watch you all work. You made a big impression!
I also want to thank the artists and friends that generously donated to the Silent Auction. Thank You, Thank you, Thank You, MIL GRACIAS Ah Todos!

Happy Birthday Dennis! The Band "The Ghost Tracks" was great!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gallos, Gallos y mas Gallos!

Just arrived a new shipment of folk art Gallos. They are great!

18 inches tall starting at $25 to $55

36" Gallos starting at $85 Gallinas are $75

Two gallos about 5' tall for $150 each.These are great prices! Estan Brutos...Come check them out.

Joe Lopez

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gallista "Martin Arrevalo"..."Puro Gallo"

My cousin Martin Arrevalo passed away last Monday July 28, 2008, one day after his birthday. He fought cancer for nine years after being told he only had maybe four years to live. Martin was not a big person but he had a big heart (Corazon de Gallo) always willing to help you if he could. Martin like many Mexican Americans/Chicano's came from humble beginnings, he had Eleven brothers and sisters. Martin served in Vietnam and faught for this counrty, (he was a proud Marine) like many of our Chicano young men and women are still doing in other places.

When I openned Puro Gallo Gallery Martin and his wife Bee surprised me with a cake. It had Puro Gallo on the top of the cake my logo and Joe Lopez. Martin like many of my friends would tell me how proud he was of me. I am proud to say that he was my comarada y mi Primo, he was a true "Gallista" y Puro Gallo! We will miss him.

Joe Lopez

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Francisco Delgado Visiting Artist Reception

Thanks to all the people that came out to meet artist Francisco Delgado From "El Chuco" (El Paso Tx). He came down to pick up his art so we decided to give him a visiting art reception. I had never met him so it was nice to get to talk to him one on one, nice guy, very humble. I am proud to have had such a distinguished artist show at Gallista Gallery.
We still have five of his paintings on display, very resonably priced by the way and two of the books he has illustrated are for sale at our gift shop.

Joe Lopez

Chicano Art books for sale at Gallista Gallery

Chicano/Chicana Contemporary book 2 Vol $150
Chicano Art for our Millenium $35
Triumph of our Communities $75
Call Now 210.212.8606
we're open Wed, Thur,Fri & Sat
10 am till 4:00pm

Raul Servin Exhibit, 'Cholismo' (Calo) The Old Slang of el Barrio extended to the end of August. If your raza, you will relate.

No hombre todo los old timers, Die Hard Raza loved Raul Servin's exhibit, it will bring back memories! The comment I get most is "Se avento este vato". Its been fun translating to those who don't know the languaje, entiendes como te digo. I promise most of you will relate. The exhibit will run to the end of August.